Meet Chef Angel Quinsay.

Chef Quinsay's Hollywood experience has been extensive and the stories she can tell are numerous even though she prefers to keep her more famous clients' activities both secret and safe.

Born to a Medical and Military family, Chef Quinsay broke the mold as her talents began to shine through at an early age. Her expert skills have not gone unnoticed as her culinary degrees have proved especially fruitful; however, it is Chef Quinsay's pioneering and audacious personality that consistently produce special, unique, and distinctly tasty dishes unmatched by her peers.

After attending various culinary schools in different parts of the world that include the United States, France, and Philippines, Chef Quinsay began her American career as a sous chef at a Hilton Hotel, Los Angeles.

From there, Chef Quinsay served as sous chef at two, posh and exclusive private Country clubs where she was able to hone her skills and create menus and specialties that made her popular amongst the many high profile guests.

Her abilities and talents elevated her to an Interim Executive chef and executive sous chef at the renown MAGIC CASTLE in Hollywood, California. Her work introduced her to numerous famous, high profile clients, many of whom sought her out for other professional and culinary opportunities.

Too many to mention, Chef Quinsay lent her culinary expertise with a plethora of celebrities. Her most memorable experiences include Katy perry for 20 people and Anthony bourdain, who is, to this day, her culinary hero and role model. Chef Quinsay fondly remembers cooking for Reese Witherspoon, Mel B, Jack Black, Cate Blanchette and many more.


Chef Quinsay's other memorable Hollywood experiences includes leading parties that serve as many as 1200 people with 10 cooks and 30 servers under her watch.  Chef Quinsay also owns her own restaurant here in Southern California and now has her very own private fine dining catering company.

Chef Quinsay elevated her status as "the chef to go to" as she became the culinary service director and advisor for a number of high end restaurants in Southern California.

When asked why she became a chef, Chef Quinsay resolves it to an artistic talent.

She notes, "Food is an art form. I can be creative with recipes, menus etc."

Chef Quinsay's passion for food and people also shines through, "I love serving food. I love talking to people, I love how everyone can relate when talking about food.

So food for me is the universal language. 

Food let’s you travel on my personal experiences. The feeling of making people happy when they tasted the dish made by chefs is absolutely amazing, amazing feeling! 

Kitchen is our playground, our office, our home."